My Bali summer


I received quite some emails of you guys, asking me about my trip in Bali this summer. So I decided to dedicate a post about it and tell you a little bit about my experience there. Bali is known for it’s lush vegetation, delicious food and amazing views on the rice paddies. We stayed at the Club Med resort in Nusa Dua and it was everything we wished for: a relaxing time with great food and amazing activities. We went snorkeling, did a jeep tour and discovered the most amazing beaches. The terraced rice paddies are quite a treat for tourists so I would advice on going very early so you have the feeling you’re alone on the world and you can enjoy this beautiful place to the fullest. We also visited the monkey forest: some of the monkeys are very friendly but watch out for the aggressive ones. My boyfriend got almost attacked by one! You can get closer to them when you make a sounds like “che che” and feed them with bananas ( make sure they are not green, as the monkeys will throw it back at you). As for shopping, you can go to the Ubud Art Market, the Genesha bookshop, the Threads of Life gallery and Chez Monique jewelry ( for gorgeous silver jewelry). Don’t forget to try all the tasty food such as Babi Guling ( roasted suckling pig) and Mie Goreng. I just loved the idea that you could eat it with an amazing view on the volcano! So magical! Have you been to Bali? What was your experience? XO Sofie 

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