One of the main reasons why I'm generally drawn towards colourful pieces is as simple as this: they just put a huge smile on my face. And while I don't discriminate between seasons when it comes to wearing bright pieces, Spring is the ultimate time to get out those poppy colours and celebrate nature's versatile colour palette! The best part is that hot colours aren't the only way to support a happy wardrobe this season, because every single one of these 5 cheerful trends will give you and everyone around you that priceless excitement that comes with sunshine and fresh flowers...


I talked about my love of cheerful floral patterns before, and I think we can all agree that they're just an essential part of every Spring wardrobe. And while tiny flowers in subtle earthy colours might need a little pimpin', bold florals - in bright hot pink & electric blue - are a statement by themselves. Don't be scared to go all the way with a matching patterned two-piece, or to pair with a tropical bag. This is a definite go big or go home, people!


Arguably one of my personal favourite trends to brighten up my outfits these days is adding a bit of plush - call it the Spring version of my faux fur obsession. :) Whether added to a straight midi skirt, cropped jacket or sassy slides: if you see a chance to get a plush finish, go for it! And if you're looking for a way to blend in these soft details with the rest of your look, complement them with pieces that match their colour pattern (such as yellow and blue in the above pics). Super easy, right?


Yes, I'm pretty much down with anything that comes with a stretchy waist band these days, but that's not the only reason why I love wide-legged pleated trousers so much. They're just one of those pieces that are inherently fun & sophisticated, especially when they come in a bright or shimmering shade. My favourite way to style these beauties is with a lightweight white sweater and sneakers - the perfect look for running errands and afternoon drinks!


Though brightly coloured platforms might not seem the most accessible footwear, they're worth considering anyway because they're just to damn comfy. And if you apply the same styling trick mentioned above (find a piece that exactly matches one of the platforms' dominant colours) they're surprisingly cute, especially with slightly masculine trousers and an oversized coat.


I'm actually super excited for the many new styles in this season's sunglasses! Don't get me wrong, I'm always in for a nice pair of oversized sunnies or classic cat eyes, but it's nice to be able to switch it up from time to time, with super on trend styles such as futuristic or tinted sunnies. Keep the rest of your outfit monochrome if you really want your shades to pop, or go with an outfit in a similar colour pattern to keep it a bit more subtle. Either way, it'll be 100 fun!


Street style pics via Elle UK, Harper's Bazaar & Style du Monde

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