People often ask me how I manage to squeeze in time for catch-ups with friends and family into my busy work schedule. Finding a good work/life balance is undoubtedly something everyone struggles with from time to time, and I try to be very cautious to not treat the time I spend with my loved ones as something that has to be checked off of my to-do list. So whenever I can, I try to have a little break with my besties, preferably at my new favorite (amazing!) spot in Antwerp. After all, there's nothing more recharging than an hour (or two) of straight-up gossip and sharing all the stuff that's on your mind - no matter how trivial, with someone who knows exactly what you're talking about. So here's to remembering the importance of some good old-fashioned tea time, now and forever! XO Sofie


I'm wearing:
By Malene Birger coat
Levi's pants
Gucci belt
Delvaux bag
Robert Clergerie loafers
Nails: Don't disturb my puppy by FABY 


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