Birthday Girl


Guess what day it is today??? Yep, it’s my birthday!! :) I’m celebrating it in the romantic city Venice in Italy, such an idyllic place! On my schedule? Eating loads of pasta and ice cream, drinking prosecco, strolling around the city with my boyfriend and enjoying the incredible sunny weather…. Aaah, life can’t get any better than this! Thank you all for wishing me happy birthday over and over again on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! I feel so blessed to have followers like you… Thank you to be with me everyday, I can’t help but feeling the luckiest girl on the planet! Here are some moments of my wonderful day… Ps; how gorgeous is this long M Missoni dress? 

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This sight of Venice is really very beautiful and worth admiring. It is also being said that the is writing a lot about the scenery and the routine life of the Venice because you can’t help but get attracted towards the natural beauty of that place.