Now that Summer's officially here (yay!!), we're kicking off a new mini series featuring the hottest places and things to visit, try out, eat, drink, buy, and do this Summer 17! Every year, I'm so curious to see which places around the world will turn out to be the chosen travel destinations of the cool people, and since I can't wait to start traveling again post-pregnancy, it seems like a great place to start. Sometimes it just seems as if there's a secret mailing list that's sent out to the IT people of the moment to inform them on where to go vacationing this year, because sure enough, every year there are a handful of places that are suddenly so hot & happening. So pack your bags and get on that plane, because first up is the gorgeous island of Ibiza, which seriously seems to have more hotspots than just about any other city these days...


Summer 17 travel

Summer 17 travel

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I know, I know: Ibiza has had a bad rep of being a not-so-sophisticated party island since forever, but the truth is that it actually has one of the most beautiful natural sceneries in Europe. And that seems to have slowly but surely caught on with the cool people, because not only is a suspiciously large part of my inner circle headed to the Spanish island this Summer, a convenient number of absolutely stunning new places to stay has been noted, and I can't wait to try them out myself!


If you're one of the lucky people to go or are in for a last-minute trip, don't miss out on these hot spots:

  • STAY LA GRANJA IBIZA - This brand new retreat, tucked away in the green hills of the island, has one goal: to rediscover and appreciate the gorgeous natural treasures of Ibiza. It houses 6 guest rooms, that all have that all-natural luxurious pure vibe that you'd wish to experience on vacation. Relaxing activities include communal farming (time to get your hands dirty!), slow-food cooking classes, and private yoga sessions. (Alternatively, if a city vibe is more your thing, the ME hotel (pictured above) looks pretty awesome too!)
  • DO DALT VILLA - The oldest part of the city is a must-visit, with the best local treasures and panoramic views of the island. At night, it's definitely the best spot for people-watching!
  • EAT AIYANNA IBIZA - Enjoying the best of locally grown produce while overlooking pristine waters and a pearly white beach? You can all do it here in style (also available for weddings, just sayin'!).
  • BUY PATCHWORK PILLOWS - Patchwork is one of this season's biggest trends, and Ibiza happens to have the best local craftsmen specialised in it! So go get your hands on some of those ridiculously affordable patchwork pillows to brighten up your home and to remind you of those sweet Ibiza memories all year long.


Have you already visited Ibiza? What were your favourite spots? I'd love to hear! :)

Next up: our favourite hotspots in colourful Havana!

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