For the second part of our Summer 17 Travel series (check out the first part on Ibiza right here!), we're making a stop in colourful Havana! Because rest assure that this beautiful place in the world will be on every cool person's radar this year, and there are a couple of solid reasons for that. Yup, this city's so much more than pink walls and dito oldtimers, and we happen to know exactly where to hang out in Havana this Summer!


Summer 17 travel

Summer 17 travel

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Whether it's thanks to the Kardashians' recent visit or Karl Lagerfeld's epic CC17 show (we believe the latter), Cuba's capital city Havana is hot & happening! And that means that the once super isolated city now embodies that perfect mix of its ancient heritage and luxurious modernity that makes it totally irresistible. If you're looking for a unique bustling city to explore this Summer 17, this is the one!


  • STAY HOTEL INGLATERRA - It may be the oldest hotel of Havana, but it will be the very first one that's been remodelled by an American company. No pressure, as long as they hold on to the hotel's original gorgeous neo-classical architecture and rooftop bar (a crowd favourite, for obvious reasons).
  • DO HABANA VIEJA - Driving through the old part of the city in one of its signature candy coloured old timers is as good as it gets, especially with a matching outfit. So stock up on this Summer's most on trend colour (hot pink!) and have your Havana moment.
  • EAT COPPELIA - As one of the largest ice cream shops in the world, it's also one of the most visited ones, with lines that can extend waaay down the street. But once you've tasted their signature fresh strawberry and chocolate flavours, that'll all be forgotten, and rest assure you'll be lining up for seconds!
  • BUY PATTERNED FABRICS & TILES - Bright patterned pieces (especially '70s prints and bold florals) are going to be a huge hit this Summer, so don't hesitate to stock up on these at Calle Obispo, the buzzing colourful place to be to explore local shops in Havana. And while you're at it (and still have room in your luggage), do select a few cute patterned tiles to brighten up your home Cuban-style!


Previously: another amazing place to explore this Summer 17 is Ibiza, Spain!

Next up: our favourite hotspots in the Japanese countryside!

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Thanks so much for sharing this, it sounds like you guys have a super nice thing going on. :) All my love to your little family and and and and
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