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The days are getting colder, the sunsets earlier and I only have coziness on my mind at the moment…Think of candles (Cire Trudon is still my favourite- do you have any recommendations?), long walks that give you that healthy blush ( or you can fake it as well), drinking loads of white tea and reading books in front of the fireplace,… Oh, yes, I’m so ready for this! This is what’s on my mind at the moment:

- Pink roses ( just to remind me of summer :))
- My YSL wallet… love the burgundy colour!
- The Bobbi Brown brightening blush in Pink 2: to create that perfect flushed look
- The Chanel N°5 bath soap: as it leaves my skin lightly scented with the sensual N°5 fragrance…a little everyday treat for myself!
- The new Ann Demeulemeester book: a tribute to Demeulemeester’s career with over a 1000 photographs and illustrations that captures her unique view on fashion. After she left her own fashion house in November, she started working on this amazing book and now the result is finally here! There isn’t a lot of text ( only a brief introduction by Patty Smith- Demeulemeester’s longtime muse) but the pictures and the clothes do all the talking. Definitely a must for the coffee table!
- Wearing this soft pink shade on my nails right now: Chanel Mistral 517
- If I feel like having a ‘no make-up’ day, I only wear a hint of bright lipstick. This bright pink one is called ‘Dream Pink’ by Estée Lauder.
- A daily serum for my nails: the Dior Huile Abricot serum. It strengthens the nails without leaving an oily layer! I apply this every night before I go to sleep to give my nails an extra treatment before the winter.
- I have to admit that I fell in love with the bottle of this perfume… so classy and chic! The fragrance is a mix of sparkling florals with sensual woods… Let’s see if this one will become my new favourite for winter. Modern Muse by Estée Lauder. 
- My new clutch by M Missoni to bright up my ( basic) winter outfits! I love the fact that it’s a fox head ( isn’t it the cutest?) with neoprene turquoise and faux ponyskin. The colors make the perfect autumn palette to add to my wardrobe! 

What’s on your mind for the colder days? 

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