I know, I know, having just celebrated our 10-year anniversary with the boyfriend, I technically have nothing to complain about when it comes to Valentine's Day. But believe me: I still clearly remember the days when the celebration of the Day of Love seemed unnecessary and mean - apart from rubbing my face into the fact that I was 100% single, it seemed to brutally suggest that this would last forever and ever. Not.fair. The way I see it now tho: you WILL find the love of your life when you least expect it, so meanwhile, you better really enjoy being single - especially on Valentine's Day. How? By loving yourself even more than usual duh! And these 3 super fun things will do the trick:


While those unfortunate girls with a boyfriend are doomed to squish themselves into uncomfortable itchy lingerie in the name of sexy, you can go with comfy variants without thinking twice. Ha! And the best news? They look French and casual and tomboyish, which is a whole new sexy. Our faves include these soft organic cotton culottes from Breakfast Club, these silk + wool high-waisted panties from Dessù, and these flirty sheer bloomers from Miss Crofton.

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No better day to seriously treat yourself than Valentine's! We suggest going all the way, with 100% vain & slightly useless prezzies (this pink camera and cheerful all-natural Japanese candles totally hit the spot - right this way for more), a few pints of organic vanilla caramel nut ice cream, and a beauty look featuring HOT lips (for all those happy single selfies, ya know).

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The meanest aspect of Valentine's Day is that it's in February, aka the most freezing month of the year. But don't let this be a reason to stay inside and sulk; now's the time to finally go and take that trip to the woods and have all the snowy fun (think long brisk walks, heavy knits, and building a little snowman - just for the sake of it). 'Cause there's nothing more restorative than that clean & healthy mountain air! (proof and proof)

photo credit: 1, 2, 3

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