Getting ready for NYFW with Chanel








It’s a cold early morning in New York and I’m getting ready for another day of shows at the beautiful Four Season Hotel Downtown NY…. There’s something so beautiful about waking up early in the city that never sleeps. I get up early, make myself a hot tea and go to the bathroom to do some serious beauty pampering. During fashion week, I don’t get a lot of sleep, so it’s super important to take my time to wake up and take my morning shower. After my shower, I apply a light spray of perfume all over my body ( and hair!) and let it sink in while I’m doing my make up. This time I partnered up with Chanel to celebrate their newest perfume, 1957, that joins the Les Exclusifs de CHANEL collection. There is such a strong link between New York and this perfume, as number 57 signifies the Chanel boutique’s street address on 57thStreet. 1957 was also the year that Gabrielle Chanel created the legendary two-tone sling back shoe and was awarded the Neiman Marcus Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion in Dallas. This perfume is really an ode to the country that cemented the success of Chanel. So there’s no better place than New York to celebrate it, right? :)
As for my first impression of the fragrance? I love that the perfume opens up crisp and sparkling, just like a cold morning in New York itself. It’s very light and airy but after I let it sink in on my skin there is also richness and warmth to it.

When it comes to getting dressed in the morning, I leave it mostly for the last moment itself. I know I should plan my outfits in advance but I never get around to it… it always depends on my mood of the day! So I mostly hang around in my bathrobe or nightdress the entire morning and dress myself up 10 minutes before I have to leave… haha, let me know if you can relate? :)

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