3 of the best: tailored looks to run the world in


Happy International Women’s Day! Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a huge resurgence of the feminist movement, with social media campaigns, book launches and Emma Watson’s unforgettable UN speech. Today is a day to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of women across society, economy, culture and politics. It’s important for us to reflect on our own achievements too. Looking back on the last year, mine include buying a home with Marcio, continuing to grow Fashionata and launching my lifestyle line Sanui. Being my own boss and being financially self-sufficient are very empowering feelings and make me super proud to be a woman.
Of course, fashion plays a huge part in my career, so it wouldn’t be right for me to post about International Women’s Day without some outfit inspiration courtesy of the FW16 shows. I love tailored looks on women; there’s something so sexy and confident about a woman in a suit. Here are some of my favourites:

For day: Street-style favourite and brand of the moment Vetements’ relaxed approach to tailoring wins so many brownie points. It isn’t ground-breaking by any means; the beige trenchcoat, the striped shirt, the muted tartan pants; we’ve seen it all before, but Vetements reminds us exactly why it will never go out of fashion – because it looks so damn chic.

For day to night: King of suits Paul Smith debuted this dusky pink double-breasted combo during London Fashion Week, and I can barely stop thinking about it. Pink coats are so 2013, time for an upgrade!

For Saturday night: Dries van Noten’s collection was opulent, eccentric and sumptuous, with velvet, leopard print and fur being key fabrics in a Gatsby-esque line-up of loungewear and sharp silhouettes. This gold brocade suit would look amazing with a fading summer tan as a festive party dress alternative. Bookmarking this one for next New Year’s Eve inspiration already!

What or who are you celebrating for International Women’s Day? XO Sofie

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