Look me in the eye and tell me that chilling in bed with a steaming hot chocolate isn't your no. 1 fave activity these days! I may or may not feel slightly ashamed of the amount of time I've been spending like this, in the ever-relaxed company of our Bobke. I guess I had it coming when I ordered our custom made bed at Noppe Slaapcultuur, because it's just too heavenly to ever leave (more on my obsession with our bed in this post). Add this super soft chunky knit throw from Ohhio, the cosiest Prêt-à-Dormir loungewear and the yummiest selection of X-mas movies, and you got yourself a seriously wonderful way to make it through December. Now, who's in for re-watching Bridget Jones's Diary one more time?

ps: My red-and-gold Holidays manicure was done with Faby's Not to miss a trick! and Season's greetings Shirley!! :) 

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Feeling so proud to see our bed & nightdress in this beautiful blog!

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