family beach day
family beach day
family beach day
family beach day
family beach day

You guys, it suddenly feels like Summer in Belgium! I'm so in love with the hot long days we've been having lately. :) And guess what? We took our little chubby one to Knokke for his very first family beach day! I honestly couldn't wait to see his squishy legs in the sand! Of course, I turned into a neurotic SPF 50+ mama as soon as we took him out of his stroller (we had a sunscreen + sun hat + umbrella situation going on :)). But it was so much fun to see him crawl around in the sand! He's such a fast crawler by the way, we constantly have to keep an eye on him or he's out of our sight in 2 seconds. We had wild plans to take him into the water on a mini boat but ended up chilling on the beach, and having our first fried shrimp + French fries of the year. So bliss... My little active Brazilian boy, we love you so much!


Have you taken your little ones to the beach yet? What were your favourite things to do? :)

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