Patent trench coats and hair dilemma's










Yayyy it’s weekend! Who else is excited for the weekend? Haha, I’m always in for some cosy and relaxing moments with my boys and some quality time with myself! Oke, so let’s talk about my outfit of the day… My love for plaid trenchcoats is just getting bigger with the day. Especially when it’s a patent one! I combined it with a cute waist bag and my favourite white boots… Oh, and let’s not forget to talk about the hair. My hair is getting longer ( I can tuck it in my turtleneck!) and darker but I wonder if I should cut it again and make it a touch blonder again? What do you guys think? Or should I let it grown and get a different cut? Haha, all those dilemma’s JLet me know in the comments and I wish you an amazing weekend!


Wearing: Ghospell trench coat / Wandler bag / Jimmy Choo boots / Versace sunglasses

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My love for plaid trenchcoats is just getting bigger with the day. Especially when it’s a patent one! I combined it with a cute waist bag and my favourite white boots.
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