stop washing your face


Okay, so this might sound a bit crazy, but I recently stopped washing my face and noticed the biggest difference. As soon as the temperatures start to drop I try to prep my dry skin for what's to come, and this year, inspired by this story, I decided to stop washing my face altogether. I didn't think this would have such a big impact, but man, was I wrong! It's kind of common knowledge that cleansers tend to dry out your skin, mess with your natural pH balance, and can cause redness or itchy spots, but I was so used to washing my face that at first it felt weird to stop doing it. After only a little while, though, my skin started to feel bouncier and hydrated, and looked generally ... glowy.




Needless to say I've adopted a whole new routine, that's as easy as it comes: first I take off my make-up with my beloved Bioderma Sensibio H2O (aka the holy grail of make-up removers), using unbleached cotton pads, until my skin is completely clean. Then I apply a good moisturizer (I still love my La Mer day cream, but La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra soothing care is a great budget friendly alternative). About once a week I give my skin a little extra love (and cleansing!) with the Aveda Tourmaline Radiance face mask, which is really awesome for instant glow. And that's it!


Which little beauty tips & tricks do you have that make a big difference? I'm super curious! :)

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Hey Max! If only I got paid for this article... ;) Definitely not the case. Everything that appears on Fashionata has been tried & tested by me personally, and I love sharing my tips & tricks and favourite products with you guys. Take it or leave it, that's entirely up to you! :) xx big kiss
I couldn´t agree more. I got really depressed about my acne so I stop putting any effort because nothing seemed to work. I washed my face with sensitive skin nivea wipes and water, stop using as much make up and just sunscreen every morning after splashing my face with water. No medication, no creams, nothing! It has been a year and no acne, no wrinkles. It turns out that my acne stopped being hormonal but I was so aggressive to my skin by overdrying it with cleansers tonics and acne creams. Less is more.
En als je 's ochtends de deur uit gaat was je je gezicht alleen met water en gebruik je daarna je moisturizer?
Ladies, the best tonic ever is the natural Rose Water! Try it and forget all the other stuff
How do you clean your face in the morning? Only water and then put on your day Cream?
Interesting but I could never go though with not washing my face. My skin is acne prone and senstive and needs constent care to maintain an acne free, even tone complexion. Love the idea but it's not for me sadly.
Well if you don't use makeup, that would work. But your pores are filled with makeup that one makeup remover on a cotton pad can't güllü get rid of. I would suggest cleaning with an oil.
Keenwel have really good gel cleanser. It is very gentle. I have oily skin that really easy gets dehydrated if using wrong care. Their cream are great too.
I'm 25 and I've normal sensitive skin. What else should I be using other than the mentioned products to have a firm and glowy face? (Face Serum, Day Cream, Night Cream, Eye Cream, Eye Serum, Toner, Sun Block, etc...) Thanks in advance :')
What products do you recommend to use for people who can not get these products? I want to try the procedure I'am from mexico city. thanks :)
Hi there I live in South Africa. Are there any alternatives I could use?
You're still washing your face, you're just choosing to use a water cleanser.