While I'm all for the occasional full-face make-up look, with a dramatic smokey eye or a bright lip, on a daily basis I'm mostly hung up on beauty products that make my skin look like a bett


'Tis the season of open-toe footwear, and while we're all grateful that our feet can finally breathe again it can feel a little daunting to have regular outdoor pedicures.


As much as I love a more tropical climate and relaxing at the beach, my fair sensitive skin definitely needs some extra attention on vacation.

La Solution 10

As you probably already know I have a weak spot for Chanel beauty products. I mostly use the make-up range as I can’t stand strong fragrances in skincare products. 

Me Time: the Parisienne beauty treatment

I’m very passionate about me-time and stressing down in my everyday life. 

My winter skin savers

I’m back in my hometown Antwerp and, like every year, the cold weather and freezing temperatures are playing havoc with my skin.

My top 5 All Natural Beauty Products

I love all natural products for my face and body. Our skin absorbs everything little thing you put on it so I’m always very careful with it.

How to: create a spa at home

Everyone experiences stress at some point in their lives, whether that’s due to an exam, work or relationships, or we simply have too much going on.

Vacation beauty favourites

Hello from Bali!!! The weather is just amazing here: sun, sun and again SUN. Aaargh, life can be just perfect! :) Here are some beauty products that I can’t live without and always bring wit

My 5 tips for summer-ready hands

With summer around the corner it’s also time to transition your manicure! Here are my 5 tips for summer-ready hands...

Ready for the beach

Lately it was really hectic and crazy busy for me: the fashion week month, my column for the newspaper, new projects, shoots for magazines,…

towel series by dior

One thing that I’m a total freak about is skincare. I love makeup but find that having a good base makes the world of difference to the finished look, and there’s nothing more attractive tha