'Tis the season of open-toe footwear, and while we're all grateful that our feet can finally breathe again it can feel a little daunting to have regular outdoor pedicures. I definitely acknowledge the importance of fresh smooth feet with brightly painted toe nails, but somehow my feet are always the last thing on my Summer-maintenance-to-do list. Luckily, after years of experimenting, I finally have a very satisfying routine for the BEST at-home pedicure, that can surely rival with the salon version. And the best thing: you can totally do it whilst watching all the Friends episodes for the gazillionth time! XO Sofie


1. Add a spoonful of OPI's 'Soak' to a little tub of hot water, and let your feet soak for a good 5 minutes.

2. Once your skin feels soft (but is not yet wrinkly!) , remove any visible calluses with OPI's foot file by gently rubbing it over the spots you want to clear.

3. Carefully cut your toe nails, and file them in your preferred shape. Make sure you don't cut them too short to avoid ingrown toe nails (the worst!).

4. Put Faby's 'Fitness' oil onto your cuticles to make them soft before pushing them back a little; I also use this during the week to keep my toes, fingers, and nails in the best shape, and avoid dryness.

5. Apply a hydrating foot cream; this one's my all-time favorite.


1. Make sure your toe nails are grease-proof by gentling wiping them with aceton (or with OPI's 'NAS 99', as described here).

2. Apply a good base coat, 2 thin coats of your favorite nail colour (such as playful pink or more chique dark brown shades, both available in Faby's brand new webshop), and finish with a fast drying top coat. I prefer to apply thin layers, and wait a solid minute between each layer to have it completely dry before applying another one.

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