Finding the perfect make-up routine on vacation can be challenging. You don't want to spend hours in the bathroom when you could be exploring a new part of the world, but you still want to look like the best version of yourself. I like to keep my make-up as minimal and natural as possible whenever I'm abroad, so I was more than thrilled to discover the Chanel CC Cream (I use the lightest shade), which has been a lifesaver here in Thailand. With its super high sun protection (SPF 50) and light texture it's perfect for a sunny destination, and it will stay put even when challenged with all the discomforts that come with high temperatures - a humid and HOT skin, all day every day. :) As it resembles a tinted moisturizer it doesn't provide a full coverage, but it will correct redness or minor imperfections, and the mineral pigments will definitely make your skin look glowy and luminous. As all Chanel beauty products, it's a bit of a splurge, but I would definitely recommend it, because it gets the job done flawlessly. XO Sofie

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