I usually don't play favourites when it comes to beauty, but skincare is definitely something that's very close to my heart. Just as with fashion, my mama always chose quality over quantity when it comes to skincare, underlining the importance of pure nature-based ingredients, and I personally added an obsession with pretty packaging later on. :) These days, with a little one taking over our nights, I'm more thankful than ever for the multitude of seriously awesome products out there. And since after sharing my day-to-day make-up routine many of you have asked about my daily skincare routine, I thought it was the right time to finally share my 3-step programme, featuring all the goodies that I would so take with me to a desert island. :) Here goes!


skincare routine



Cleansing my skin is actually one of the most challenging things for me, since it's sooo sensitive! As you know, most of the time, I actually shy away from washing my face with regular water, instead preferring cleaning it with cotton pads and high-quality micellar water (thumbs up if it's organic too!). When I do want something a bit more intense, I really love a cleanser with a gel texture, that I apply and massage in on damp skin and rinse off immediately (to avoid it drying out my skin). Instead of rubbing my face dry with a towel, I prefer patting it dry with a super thin 100% cotton muslin cloth.

SHOP MY FAVES: ESTELLE & THILD Biocleanse Micellar cleansing water / LA MER Nettoyant cleansing gel



And then comes the really fun part! :) Being blessed with a dry skin, I have tried out a lot of moisturisers over the years, which has made me a very picky consumer. I need a rich cream that hydrates thoroughly but doesn't have a sticky or greasy finish, and works as the perfect base for my make-up. On top of that, I'm obsessed with sun protection, so a high SPF is a definite must! I really take my time to massage in my hydrating cream, with circular motions, and then let it fully sink in before applying any make-up. I usually finish the hydration process with applying a simple (non-sticky again!) lip balm, et voilà!

SHOP MY FAVES: BIODERMA Hydrabio mist SPF 30 / DIOR Hydra Life Sorbet cream / LA MER Protecting Fluid SPF 50 / CAUDALIE French Kiss lip balm


skincare routine



Since I tend to be on the road a lot, adding some extra pampering now and then is necessary to keep my dry skin in shape. I usually apply a refreshing hydrating mask once a week (I think it's the best Sunday night ritual!), letting it sit for about 10-15 minutes before removing it (with micellar or plain water). As for hydrating, when my skin is in need of a little extra moisture, I love a good body lotion that sinks in easily, and a classic face oil, to keep my skin firm & soft (organic coconut oil is a great option if you're on a tight budget!).

SHOP MY FAVES: CHANEL Chance Eau Vive body moisture / CLARINS Refreshing mask / ESTÉE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair oil


skincare routine



What's your day-to-day skincare routine? Any products you swear by I have to discover? :)

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Ik gebruik al jaren de 3-stappen van clinique. Fantastische huid verzekerd. En vorige week heb ik de nieuwe vitamin c week-kuur geprobeerd van clinique en vlekjes of oneffenheden die in mijn gezicht waren zijn echt allemaal weg . Na maar 1 week! Grote fan hier :)
Hi Sofie, I really like your articles about skincare. Since a couple of months I am a big fan of Sisley skincare products (purifying);)
Hey Selina! Thanks so much, I'm happy that you like my skincare tips. :) Yesss, Sisley has such a great range, but I haven't tried their purifying products yet. Have to check those out soon! ;) xx big kiss
Leuke artikel Sofie. Die grote ring trok wel steeds mijn aandacht: zo mooi! 😍 Waar is hij te koop?
Dankjewel, Alison! :) De ring is van de Animals Collection van Boucheron:… . xx
Thanks for this article! I'm a beauty blogger and I do write a lot about African Skin care, haircare. I would like to add something for dark skin care. Black skin is not invincible and melanoma is still a serious danger. It's very important that all races wear sunscreen daily, it's super important to slough away any flaky, dead skin buildup on a regular basis by exfoliating at least once per week with a gentle exfoliator. We like to tell our buyers to Combine the lotion with the balm to make a thick putty, and then spread it all over your body. Oil glands can be larger in size and produce an u
Hoi Sofie! Ik las je artikel om nieuwe producten te leren kennen. En mijn aandacht viel op je hydraterend masker; als je echt nood hebt aan hydratatie mag je je masker gewoon afdeppen met een klinex na de gebruikelijke 15 minuten. Zo spoel je niets weg en blijft de huid genieten van je masker. Ook bestaad er van Clarins een masker die de huid compleed ontspand en voed. Iets wat vaak aangeraden wordt bij jonge mama’s ;) Ik zou hem zeker eens uittesten als ik jou was. (Het zit in een grote paarse pot, maar de juiste naam ontsnapt me.) Groetjes Joke
Good skin makes a definite difference from all the daily pollutants and stresses our kin deals with daily. I always try to cleanse my skin..and then moisture after my showers and before bedtime..great tips:)
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